Azerbaijan trip for families 2023

Azerbaijan trip for families 2023

The Azerbaijan trip for families 2023 is considered one of the most sought-after trips for many Arab tourists from everywhere, especially families, because Azerbaijan is rich in charming nature and has all the elements of tourism in addition to the famous wonderful resorts located in its many cities, and it is characterized by its ancient cultural history and various tourist destinations that make tourists They just don’t want to travel there.

Azerbaijan trip for families 2023 

Azerbaijan contains a variety of tourist cities in which families can spend the best times and enjoy various activities, as Azerbaijan provides expatriates with all means of enjoyment. In the following, we will mention the cities that families can accept: 

Baku city 

The city of Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan, as it is one of its most famous cities, and there are tourist and archaeological attractions that make tourists flock to it. In the city of Baku, tourists can enjoy shopping inside the Fountain Square, and they can also sit and see the beauty of the beaches.

Shusha city

The city of Shusha is characterized by the wonderful air and beautiful nature, in addition to containing various ancient monuments, such as the Shusha Castle and the famous Ashagi Gohar Mosque. Families can enjoy these monuments and take various photos for them.


Galapa City 

Known as the capital of snow, it is one of the ancient cities of Azerbaijan and is famous for its high ropes. Families can spend a wonderful time in this city by skiing and riding the cable car.

Fire mountain

The Azerbaijan trip for families 2023 can be spent in Jabal al-Nar, as this mountain takes the shape of a burning mountain continuously, and families can take pictures of this mountain as a memory for them from Azerbaijan.


Sheki is called the land of spices and there is a road known as the Liberation Road. The city of Sheki is considered the cultural capital of Azerbaijan, as it is characterized by its beauty and magnificence, and this makes families enjoy visiting it greatly. There is an old castle and a Sheki Museum in this city.


The city of Shamakhi is characterized by a quiet atmosphere for those who love the tranquility of the countryside and charming romance. It also has the famous Bir Gulu Reserve, which includes 60 species of animals.


Ghanja is known as one of the large cities of Azerbaijan, as it has large archaeological areas in addition to dense trees, wonderful forests and beautiful lakes, and one of its best features is the shrine of Imam Zada 


The Azerbaijan trip for families 2023 can be spent in Quba, which is characterized by a lot of ice, so ice lovers can enjoy visiting it, and there are many archaeological areas in it, such as the Kodialchi Bridge, the famous Juma Mosque.


The city is distinguished by the Naftalan oil, which is used in various skin diseases. Therefore, tourists and families come to the city of Naftalan in order to enjoy various activities and benefit from this city for recovery.


The city of Goygol is considered one of the wonderful cities in winter and summer, where tourists can practice various sports, such as climbing mountains, watching animals and birds, and seeing wonderful wild areas, so it is considered the best trip to Azerbaijan for families 2023.

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