Azerbaijan visa 2023

Azerbaijan visa 2023

If you want to visit Azerbaijan from any country that does not need to obtain an Azerbaijan visa 2023, you must obtain the visa first to allow you to enter, and in this article we will explain to you the conditions and method for obtaining the Azerbaijan visa 2023.

عروض سفر اذربيجان 2023

Issuance of Azerbaijan visa 2023

There are some steps that you must take to obtain an Azerbaijani visa 2023, which we will explain below: 

  • First, log in to the official visa application website.
  • Fill in the required information that appears on the screen.
  • Click on the “Continue” button, and then choose the reason for travel, which is tourism.
  • Set your arrival time.
  • The site displays visa payment fees and transfer fees, which together amount to $24.
  • Click on the check box at the top, which indicates that you are healthy and do not suffer from diseases or viruses.
  • Read the terms and click on the “I have read and accept the terms” field.
  • A page for traveler data will appear for you. You should not rush when writing the data, as the site will ask you for passport data in addition to your place of residence in Azerbaijan.
  • If you want to travel alone, click on the “Continue” button, while if you want to have other people or family with you, click on the “Add a new person” box.
  • The site will show you all the data for you to review again and then validate it.
  • After 72 hours have passed, the visa will be issued, and you have to print the letter of the visa that was issued because you will present it when you arrive at Azerbaijan airport. 


Saudi Azerbaijan visa

There are two types of visa to Azerbaijan before you travel to it, you must obtain the visa that suits you from them, and they are as follows:

  • Single (single) visa for Azerbaijan

 The holder of this visa can enter Azerbaijan once, and this visa cannot be extended, and its holder has the right to visit Azerbaijan for 30 days at most, and the duration of the visa is three months, and it is determined from the date set for travel.

  • Azerbaijan visa for multiple (multiple) times

The duration of the visa is one year from the date set for travel, and its owner can enter Azerbaijan more than once, with a maximum of 30 days, and this will be during each visit to the State of Azerbaijan.

عروض سفر اذربيجان 2023

Azerbaijan visa price for Saudis

We will explain the basic Azerbaijan 2023 visa fees, which will be within three days and urgent, as follows: 

  • The basic visa price is $20, and the service fee is $5.
  • The price for the urgent visa is $20, and $40 for the service fee.

Conditions for travel to Azerbaijan for Saudis 2023

In order for a traveler to be able to obtain a visa for Azerbaijan 2023, he must meet some of the conditions described below: 

  • Provides a passport valid for six months, which is applicable to the traveler aged 19 years or over.
  • The traveler presents a certificate proving that he has received a coronavirus vaccination.
  • About 72 hours before travel, the traveler takes a corona test.
  • Provides negative certificates for the Corona virus with a QR Code.

In the end, if you are planning to travel to the tourist country of Azerbaijan for the purpose of tourism, you can contact us at the Free Spirit Tours Police to explain to you all the details related to travel and the tourism programs that it organizes throughout the year for you to choose from.

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