Family trips to Georgia in winter

Family trips to Georgia in winter

Family trips to Georgia in the winter organized by the program of the famous Free Spirit Tours company, where Georgia is known as one of the beautiful European countries distinguished by the geographical and natural diversity that drives all tourists to visit it, as it possesses a magical beauty that is not found in any other country, and the climate of Georgia is subtropical because it contains mountains Tropical forests and cultural and historical monuments.

افضل اماكن في جورجيا للعرسان 2023Family trips to Georgia in winter

We will explain the program of family trips to Georgia in the winter in the following: 

The first day: the employee waits on this day at Tbilisi airport to receive the family and then take them to rest to the hotel, and if the family has arrived in Georgia early, they can rest and then go for a walk.

The second day: On the second day of family trips to Georgia in the winter, the family goes to explore Tbilisi, after eating breakfast at their hotel, and there they see the Peace Bridge and ancient castles, and when lunch approaches, they go to a restaurant to eat their meal, then they wander throughout the day to see the cultural and archaeological places And in the evening they return to the hotel.


The third day: After the family eats breakfast, they go to eastern Georgia, that is, to the city of Kakheti, to get acquainted with its alleys and the industries of the ancient city, then to Saghnaghi, known as the city of love, where they sleep.

The fourth day: On this day, the family goes to Lopota Resort, where they spend a whole day riding bicycles and horses, and the family enjoys water games, and they sleep in it.

Day 5: The family visits the ancient historical monuments in Georgia and returns again to the resort.  

The sixth day: When the family program reaches the sixth day, and after they eat breakfast, they prepare themselves to get ready and return again to Tbilisi, where they wander and shop everywhere, and at night they return to the hotel.

The seventh day: This is the last day in which the family tours lightly in Georgia before they go to the airport and bid farewell to the program organizers who worked with them and toured them in all regions, and thus you have made the best family trips to Georgia in the winter.

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