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Information about Kosovo that you should know before traveling

Information about Kosovo that you should know before traveling

Below we show you information about Kosovo, that country that has always dazzled everyone with its charm, beauty and landmarks, which made it one of the most important tourist countries now. 

 kosovo tourism official website
kosovo tourism official website

countries surrounding Kosovo

Kosovo is one of the countries located in the southeastern part of the continent of Europe, specifically on the Balkan Peninsula, and it can be reached from anywhere, and it is bordered by a group of famous countries from different directions, such as:

  • North and east: Serbia.
  • South: Macedonia.
  • West: Albania.
  • Northwest: Montenegro.

Weather and climate in Kosovo

The climate in the country of Kosovo is moderate, and the southwestern side may be affected only by its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, and temperatures vary throughout the year to be as follows:

  • Summer temperatures reach about 20 degrees Celsius.
  • The temperatures are low in the winter, reaching about 5 degrees Celsius.
  • The mountainous regions of Kosovo are cooler and have more rainfall.

population in the state of Kosovo

A large number of ethnic factions from different countries live in Kosovo, not just indigenous citizens, such as:

  • Albanians 92.9%.
  • Bosnia 1.6%.
  • Serbs 1.5%.
  • Turk 1.1%.
  • Ashkali 0.9%.
  • The Egyptian community 0.7%.
  • Al-Ghorani 0.6%.
  • Romanian 0.5%.
  • Unspecified communities 0.2%.
 kosovo tourist visa requirements
kosovo tourist visa requirements

Religion in Kosovo

According to statistics in 2011, the religion of the population of Kosovo was determined, as many people live in this country with different religions, for example:

  • Those who profess Islam by 95.6%
  • Roman Catholic 2.2%.
  • Orthodox 1.5%.

Kosovo language

The population of Kosovo speaks the Albanian language, which is the official language of the population, as it is spoken by about 94.5% of the total population, while 1.7% of the population speaks the Bosnian language and the Serbian language is spoken by 1.6% of the population, and 1.1% of the population speaks the Turkish language in addition to several other languages ​​such as Romanian.

The best time to visit Kosovo

Kosovo receives its visitors throughout the year, and determining the best time to visit Kosovo depends on what you want to do inside this country. If you love winter weather, snow and rain, go to it in the winter, while if you like normal weather and somewhat moderate temperatures, you can practice many activities and you can Move more freely, we advise you to visit it in the summer.

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