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Kakheti Georgia 2023

Kakheti Georgia 2023

Kakheti Georgia 2023 is considered one of the amazing regions in Georgia, where you can enjoy it and take a wonderful tour with a company of reliable companies such as Free Spirit Tours, and the region is located in the east of the country, where it became independent in the fifth century AD from the Kingdom of Kartli, and there are many wonderful scenery Picturesque that you can not forget even after your trip is over.

 georgia religion
georgia religion

Kakheti Georgia 2023

The Kakheti region is located above the Alazani River and the Luri River in eastern Georgia, and you can visit it through the city of Tbilisi by moving by car from one place to another until the trip ends.

The distance between the capital, Tbilisi, and the city of Kakheti

The distance between the city of Kakheti and the capital, Tbilisi, is 115 km, and you can discover the beauty of the two cities by taking a car, as the distance between them is very small.

Tourism in Kakheti, Georgia

There are various places that you can visit in Kakheti, Georgia 2023, including the following:

Kvareli Lake

Lake Kvareli is one of the wonderful lakes that are found in the region of Kakheti, where it is located in the lower part of the Caucasus Mountains. The lake contains many dense forests that give an attractive and wonderful scene to the place.

Zigani Monastery

It is one of the historical and archaeological monuments located in Zigani in Kakheti, Georgia.

Despite the distinction of this monastery, it is considered one of the places that tourists do not flock to in abundance.

The monastery contains ancient ancient manifestations, including 2 churches that were established in the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries.

The monastery also includes a distinctive garden that brings pleasure and vitality to tourists.

 georgia bulldogs
georgia bulldogs

The city of love Sighnaghi

Sighnaghi is considered one of the countries located in the city of Telavi in ​​Georgia, where it enjoys romance as it is one of the facades that is very suitable for the honeymoon.

The town of Sighnaghi is known for love because of the unique natural scenes that it includes in addition to the tranquility.

Sighnaghi also contains the longest walls in the world, which follows the Great Wall of China.

Shumi forest

Shumi Forest is known as one of the dazzling, distinctive forests that you can go to in any season of the year, and you can also take pictures of wonderful colors that are interspersed with tree foliage, especially in the fall season.

Omalu village

The village of Omalo is one of the villages located in Tusheti, as it is one of the places of the Kakheti region, Georgia 2023, and it is considered one of the separate independent villages, and its road is unknown and prominent, and in order to visit it, you must pass through Abanoa Road.

Lake Lopota, Georgia

It is located in Loputa in the Kakheti region and is considered one of the tourist places that Arabs from everywhere come to and visit if they are in Georgia.

Ugama Castle

It is one of the best places that you should visit, as it was established in the third century AD, and the distance between Tbilisi and the castle is 40 kilometers.

There are other sights in Kakheti that you will see and explore on your own when booking a tour program that includes Kakheti as one of the tourist destinations included in it.

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