Kosovo tourist trips to visit its most beautiful cities

Kosovo tourist trips

Kosovo tourist trips are considered one of the best trips due to the diversity of the landscapes of the Republic of Kosovo despite being landlocked, but it is covered with many plains and vast fields, in addition to the Alps, and therefore it is visited by a good number of visitors throughout the year, and we at Free Spirit Tours organize the most beautiful Excursions to visit the most famous tourist places in Kosovo.

 kosovo tourism statistics
kosovo tourism statistics

Information about the state of Kosovo

Kosovo is the most visited country in Europe after Moldova, which is located in Eastern Europe between Ukraine and Romania and receives thousands of visitors every month, because it is one among the attractive points in the Balkans. Kosovo has only one major tourist attraction, which is the historical city of Prizren.

Prizren in Kosovo ranks third among the 10 cheapest European cities in terms of housing costs, with an average house rent value of €417 per month, according to Time Out, a specialized housing, tourism and travel news site, on its list of the cheapest European cities in terms of cost of housing and home rental. This year is 2022.

 The Kosovo tourist visa fee is $40 or €33.53 (Kosovo national currency) and is non-refundable if the visa is refused.


Places of tourism in Kosovo

There are many tourist places that can be visited within the state of Kosovo when traveling to it, such as:


Prizren, the second largest city in Kosovo and an idyllic gem of the country, if there is one place you must visit in Kosovo it is Prizren with its old stone bridge, mosque and lush mountains.

 The old town is full of many cafes and restaurants, many restaurants and cobbled streets full of tables where you can relax with a great cup of coffee.

One of the most prominent landmarks of Prizren is Kaljaja Castle, which offers the most amazing view you will see in Kosovo. You can spend most of your time there. Kosovo tours are fun and inexpensive.

 kosovo tourist visa requirements
kosovo tourist visa requirements


People can travel alone in Kosovo as they live among the indigenous people in a friendly, helpful and calm atmosphere and you will see soldiers running up and down the main street all over Pristina.


Jakova is located near the city of Brisbane in the state of Kosovo, and the city includes a number of important tourist attractions, especially the Grand Bazaar for shopping, which is considered one of the largest markets in the Balkans, and includes many famous brands, in addition to that it includes Miss Hadom, which dates back to the fifteenth century, and the clock tower and the Ethnographic Museum.

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