The best places in Azerbaijan in the fall

The best places in Azerbaijan in the fall

The best places in Azerbaijan in the fall, the state of Azerbaijan is distinguished by its beautiful, picturesque atmosphere and natural landscapes that attract tourists to it greatly, and in the autumn season it has a special special atmosphere, the state of Azerbaijan is located in the eastern south of the Caucasus, and is characterized by natural contrast, there are 9 out of 11 species From the main climate of the Earth, and meet the four seasons of the year because of the presence of forests and glaciers.

استخراج فيزا اذربيجان الالكترونيةThe best places in Azerbaijan in the fall

Here are the best places you can visit in the state of Azerbaijan in the fall season, which are:

  • Azerbaijan is located in the southeast of the Caucasus and there is on the western coast the Caspian Sea, and what distinguishes it is the picturesque natural contrast, as there are 9 out of 11 types of the main Earth climates.
  • What distinguishes Azerbaijan is that it has the convergence of the four seasons at the same time, because it has galleries, permanent glaciers and hot steppes.
  • What dominates in the country are the highlands, lands that are low, and terrain, and many rivers pass through it in its lands, and most of them have mountain waterfalls.
  • What distinguishes Azerbaijan is that it has a rare desert nature, and there are many plants, water basins and lakes that are multiple in size.

Nature of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is distinguished in the fall by its atmosphere, and at this time you can visit the most famous places in it, which are: –

Estio mineral spring, it is located at the foot of the hill Dombal, and also on the banks of the Welch River in the city of Masalli, and it is one of the most famous mineral springs, and the water in the spring has compounds that have a therapeutic property, namely hydrogen sulfide, and sodium chloride, and it is one of the best places that you can visit in Autumn to enjoy its natural charm, and it is one of the therapeutic and recreational places.

Gobustan National Reserve, the reserve is located west of Gobustan, and it is located 64 km southwest of the city center of Baku, and this was in the year 1966 AD, and this reserve has more than 6,000 rocks, archaeologically carved and carved from natural factors, and their dating ranges between 5000 to 20,000 years, It is an example of primitive human life.

One of the places that you can visit in the fall season is the Mountain of Fire. It is called the Burning Mountain or the Fire Mountain. It is one of the most important and preferable places that highlight nature and its diversity in Azerbaijan. It is located on the Abshuzan Peninsula, and there are many scattered and archaeological monuments in this mountain. By watching a panorama of the surrounding places and the sea.

The village of Nabran is a famous village located in the province of Khachmaz Rayo, and this is near the border with the Russian state, and it is one of the largest recreational areas. The village is located in the tropical forest and along the coastline to a length of more than 30 kilometers, which includes the Caspian Sea, and the village has There are many sandy and rocky beaches surrounded by green areas, and there are many plants and trees.

رحلات سياحية لأذربيجان بالخريف

Tourism in Azerbaijan for young people

There are the best places that the state of Azerbaijan is famous for, that young people can go to in the fall season, are the following: –

Shirvan National Park, is one of the largest and most important parks with an area of ​​543,735 square kilometers, and it is a cumulative plain with a height of 25 meters. It is located in the semi-desert plains region, which is arid, warm and moderate, and it has vegetation patterns and has the most beautiful natural and scenic views, and many water basins, including the river. Geese and deer.

You can also visit the Cape River, which is from Turkey and is along the border between Armenia and Turkey. The length of the river is 1072 km, and it covers an area of ​​about 102 thousand square kilometers. It is the largest river in the Caucasus.

Lake Karanohur, located at an altitude of 1540 meters above sea level, is a mountainous area and the area surrounding the lake can do many sports, including mountain walking and climbing, and the lake is characterized by picturesque landscapes, especially in the autumn season.

The best places in Azerbaijan in the fall take us on what distinguishes the state of Azerbaijan from others and its distinguished geographical location, and we got to know the nature of the state of Azerbaijan and its most famous places, as well as the best tourist places that young people can go to in the autumn season in the state of Azerbaijan.

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