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The best tourist places in Kosovo

The best tourist places in Kosovo and what is Kosovo famous for?

Are you dreaming of a trip to one of those European countries known for their enchanting beauty? We, at Free Spirit Tours, have put in your hands the best travel programs to the country of Kosovo, during which you can visit the best tourist places in Kosovo that were found to satisfy everyone’s tastes and attract the attention of visitors from different countries and different ages, and below we will show you some of the charming sights of Kosovo that really Worth a visit.

 kosovo tourist visa requirements
kosovo tourist visa requirements

Tourism in Kosovo Arab travelers

You may have a question in your mind, is Kosovo suitable for Arab travelers? And the answer is definitely yes. It has landmarks and trends that are suitable for the taste and habits of the Arab tourist, such as:

Pristina city

We start our journey from the city of Pristina, the “capital” and the largest city in Kosovo, which includes the largest number of landmarks and has more than 20 historical monuments. You have many opportunities to enjoy your time in the capital; Where you can go to:

  • Kosovo Museum.
  • Ottoman bathroom.
  • clock tower.
  • Public fountain.

Beja City

Beja is also one of the countries with a large area in Kosovo and has a lot of activities that visitors can do, and therefore different types of tourism are active in it. During a visit to Beja, the following can be done:

  • Snowboarding.
  • rock climbing.
  • Paragliding experience.
  • Buy souvenirs from the malls and gift shops there.
  • walking long distances.
  • Visit the Ethnological Museum and the Beja Tower.
 kosovo tourism official website
kosovo tourism official website

Tourism in Kosovo for families

It is not necessary to travel to Kosovo on your own, but you can take your family to Kosovo to visit many tourist attractions such as:

  • National park:
    • The national park is located in the west of the country of Kosovo.
    • It is distinguished by its pristine green nature and contains a large number of plants and animals.
    • When visiting it with your family, you can enjoy the beauty of nature, fresh air, and get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.
    • There are many activities to do, such as hiking, fishing and mountaineering.
  • Mirusha Waterfall:
    • Mirusha Waterfall is a group of moderate waterfalls that includes 13 lakes.
    • The falls also have a number of caves and canyons that can be visited.
    • The falls are located in a mountainous area, so they overlook the lakes.

You can learn more about the sights by actually seeing them and exploring them yourself; This country has treasure troves and landmarks looking for its explorers, so book a tourist schedule in Kosovo from Free Spirit Tours and start the journey of exploration there.

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