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The most famous landmark of Kosovo

The most famous landmark of Kosovo and the best time to visit it

Learn about the most famous landmarks of the state of Kosovo, which is one of the countries located in the heart of the Balkans, and it is an important place linking central and southern Europe, the Adriatic Sea, and the Black Sea. Kosovo enjoys its picturesque landscapes, natural surroundings, and wonderful historical heritage that attracts all visitors from different countries of the world.

 kosovo tourism official website
kosovo tourism official website

  The most famous landmark of Kosovo

There are many wonderful tourist attractions in Kosovo that every visitor should go to, the most important of which are:

  •  Pristina is the capital and one of the tourist places that attract most visitors from there. We will take you on a short tour to get to know the sights of Kosovo and the best hotels there.
  • Pristina Bear Sanctuary The Bear Sanctuary is one of the tourist attractions in Kosovo and a wonderful place thanks to the wonderful nature that it consists of. Here you can see brown bears amidst the most magical panoramic views.
  • The National Library of Kosovo is one of the most original buildings in Pristina, directly opposite the Orthodox Cathedral. It has a special and different architecture, built by the Croatian architect Andrea Mutnjakovic. The National Library opened in 1982 and consists of 16,500 square meters with 99 domes of different sizes and completely covered with a metal fishing net. The most famous landmark of Kosovo
  •   Mitrovica: The city of Mitrovica is one of the wonderful places in Kosovo, the Ibar river divides the city into two parts and its population is somewhat divided, in the north it is inhabited almost exclusively by Serbs, in the south it is already inhabited by Albanians.
 kosovo tourist visa requirements
kosovo tourist visa requirements

When is the best time to travel to Kosovo?

If you’re planning your trip but aren’t sure when to travel, here are some tips to help you decide whether Kosovo has different attractions depending on the time of year.

  •  The months between December and April are the perfect season for snow sports, if you are a ski lover, these months are the best because the ski resorts are full of snow and enjoying the white landscapes of Kosovo is a unique experience that you will never forget.
  •  The months from July to September are high season in Kosovo and the temperatures are perfect, with a maximum of 25°C, for an escape from Kosovo’s bitter cold, and the hours of sunshine are longer.



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